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How Vibes are like a school bully

How Vibes are like a school bully

With every passing day being a ride on the train of emotions, whether your train is the old type slow train or the roller coaster type, certainly emotions have a weird way of just changing how your day goes from one moment to the next.

The Grab of Emotions.

Greatly being aware of your surrounding is one thing that many only manage to grasp in small bits. Though many feel they are just fine as they are, there is certainly a lot more to what makes them who they are, and that is evident from the way you react to certain things.

In the heat of the moment or a sudden change in the control of your environment and boom, your vibe takes over, and many things are done or said in those moments, some which you would never do in normal situation.
Like a school bully, your vibe takes control of whatever situation you might be in and just does what it feels is best in that moment.

Many times, you end up saying things you don’t mean. Doing things you could never even grasp the idea of doing. (Generally, this is the reason for some broken relations and friendships)

How to handle your vibe.

1. Never React right away.
They say patience is a virtue, and this is very true, take your time to think through every passing emotion. Don’t let it control you, So you can  give the best and  needed type of reaction.

2. Ask for Divine Guidance.
You can never go wrong with this point, for God/Allah/ and the other Gods you may pray to, shall certainly/definitely provide the best guidance.

3. Find a healthy outlet.
If you are able to handle your emotions, then well and good but emotions should never be bottled up. Transfer those emotions into something else, could be creative writing in your journal, kick boxing or martial arts or you could simply meditate.

4. See a bigger Vision.
For everything that happens to you, is a lesson and a point of experience. All that is learnt and gained turns into wisdom. This greatly benefits you as an individual for now and many years to come.

5. Forgive your emotional triggers.
This is a great step to moving forward with a clearer and better understanding of ones self and how you interact with people.

“No matter is too small or too big to solved.”

Better to rebuild and keep relations, then break away. Family and friends are meant to be part of your life to share in your memories and moments.

Remember that one thing you cant say is you will show no emotion (Vibe), because for every action you do, an emotion (vibe) is given off. When you are happy, Sad, Excited, Overwhelmed and more, all those are Vibes you give off.

Don’t let your vibe be like a school bully.

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