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The Underground Wave: Discovering new Artists

  • Music is a language in its own right.

It is a way to bring out a story, feelings and more, either through listening to it or creating it, it is something that certainly puts a lot of people in the right mood or mindset, dependent on what you listening to and I recently had the opportunity to attending a show that showcased a totally different type of musical theme that the Zambian mainstream radio don’t really play much of.

The event was called The Underground Wave, and it showcased non-commercial music which is worth the buzz and following as it speaks to the soul just as amazing as the commercial stuff we used to.

The event was organized by Creative Hustle ZM and hosted by Modzi Arts, and I must say it was my first time being at Modzi Arts and it was such a great setting with so much Arts and expression all around, I knew I was in for a treat.


The event showcased three different artists and I tell you the intimate feel of each of the interviews and performances just made the whole event even more special.

Have you ever had an artist explain the backstory to a song and then perform it, it’s just so magical, words can’t come close to explaining it.

Okay, let me talk about the Artists already;

1. RantMaster

This artist brought a blend of Rap and Rock, and yes, it may sound out of the ordinary but that was the purpose of this event and once he got to the stage to perform, it was a whole different story. I for one, never thought it would work, but it did, I also never once thought I would get to experience a rock vibe performance and I did.

The first song he performed; Breaking Bronco, which was inspired by a video game ability that enabled a character to levitate things, which when translated was what he aims to achieve through his music. The song he did secondly was one that featured Kenzo, and it was described as different, some said scary and others awesome, and what I found amazing about this piece was how deep the lyrics were, I had most of the crowd rethinking what the heard. I must say, rock music is a journey on its own.

Rant Master ended his three-piece set, with a freestyle he titled Creative Hustle, and we got to experience him create the song right on stage. I must say his instrumentation is amazing and it certainly was a wow ending.

2. Kriaan

This is one artist I have watched perform online several times, but this was a different stage, a different feel, and he delivered above and beyond. Before I dive into his set, he made sure he gave us a small lesson on how to correctly pronounce his name, and it is now embedded in my mind.

Kriaan Describes Himself as “A little Kid trying to Express Himself,” as well as bedroom singer, yeah, he said he does perform in his room for his family and his cat Jinx. He started singing at 16, doing Afropop/dancehall, and he gave us a sample of his old style. He also calls his Songs as “expressions” which speaks a lot to his soul music side. Though he has performed with some of Zambia’s name artists like Pompi, Cleo Ice Queen and more, he was doing the underground wave to express himself and his love for the music and just give back through the music. Unlike the first artist, kriaan was doing Indie music (independent of genre).

He started his set with a song called Yellow, which was one of the first songs he ever wrote, and I must it was such an amazing song, it just brought me the right vibes. I see myself singing along to this song because it is just that amazing. Secondly, he performed Punchlines which just speaks volumes from the basis of the song, and it showcased just expressively deep he is as songwriter. He ended his set with a song titled The Past (Fiona), which drew its inspiration from the Shrek character princess Fiona. And he added an extra song, which was a heartbreak song, and the intimate expression of the song just speaks to the depth of your soul.

3. NamelessKidz

The third and final act of the night, and this duo just stole the show with their energetic interview, and when asked who inspires them, they both mentioned each other as inspiration as well as other international and local artists, which just sets the tone for how amazing this duo is.

They started their set with a track called Melanin Munroe, which was an up-tempo jam that just grabs the attention of the crowd. With a song about loving your skin tone and appreciating who you are. It is something we need to hear more of, the duo finished their set with an energetic second song, I swear, I was so taken waiting for the performance, I lost the title of the song, and you know when a song is real good when you forget the title. It was so good, it had the crowd all hyped up and it was just the perfect ending to the night.

With an amazing crowd in attendance and the bar section selling the good stuff. It was one hell of a night.

And that was how the wonderful night at the underground wave ended, I must say a big thank you to Creative hustle for inviting me to this event, am already looking forward to attending more events like this.

Organisers and Artists

For more on the organizers and artists: [ Links below]

Creative Hustle



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