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Monochrome Inspired Shoot

Monochrome Inspired Shoot

I, like many others, love to take note of great moments through picture taking as much as possible. I have always had an obsession with things that stood out and where different and this lead me to discovering alot of things I know now.

One of these obsession is for monochrome photos, I could spend a whole day just looking at them and enjoying and sometimes imagine the colour that the object or person in the picture might have on.

So this is the 1st in this series of some of the things I love.
Here is my first set of monochrome inspired photos from a shoot I had some time back.

So it was smart style shoot, but not your average smart. It was all about being in the moment and feeling like model.

Definitely, trying to showcase what little model talent I have in me.

You know by now that the bow tie was not going where it’s suppose to, it was a prop for the shoot and i think we made good use of it.

Smart, fun, outgoing and yet poised are  just some of the words you could use to describe this shoot.

Well, hope you loved these monochrome inspired shots, I.hope you take more pictures and maybe even join me on my monochrome inspired adventures.

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